Morph is from 'metamorphosis', which means to change shape, to


    Since function follows form, transformation gives new Possibility.

    By changing the shape of your Being you force the Universe and ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Office) to interact with you differently.

    There is a huge difference between education and training.

    Education solidifies and defends the already known.

    Training unleashes transformation... metamorphosis

  • Metamorphosis / Transformation

    Metamorphosis / Transubstantiation / Transformation

    What is transformation?

    Change of behavior, such as practicing new skills of Listening, or new skills of Speaking.


    Change of belief, such as changing your belief about beliefs, realizing that since anybody can believe anything about anything, a belief and fifty-cents will get you on the bus... in other words, what you believe is not worth much.


    Change of approach.


    Change of attitude.


    Change of competence, for example, becoming Present, becoming Centered, becoming Grounded, becoming Bubbled.


    Change of purpose.


    Change of thoughtware.


    Distilling Bright Principles.


    Jacking-in to Your Archetypal Lineage.


    Building matrix to catch and hold more distinctions, which increases consciousness, which shows up as greater responsibility. Responsibility is applied consciousness. Authentic adulthood initiatory processes build the matrix to morph, step-by-step, out of adolescence to into more adulthood.

    What causes transformation?

    Transformation can be caused by pressure or by vacuum.

    Change of inner circumstances or outer circumstances.

    Morphing is applying transformation

    When you Notice 'what is' and get Present with 'what is' you are functionally accepting 'what is'.


    Functionally accepting 'what is' does not mean that you like 'what is' or that you agree with 'what is'.


    Functionally accepting 'what is' is a tool of transformational magic: morphing.


    By getting Present with 'what is' the effort that 'what is' makes to establish itself as 'what is' has been recognized. You have completed the communication that 'what is' is trying to make.


    The effort of 'what is' to establish itself as 'what is' has then run its full course.


    When the current 'what is' is complete, something else can happen. The next 'what is' can emerge.


    If you refuse to accept 'what is' your resistance forces things to stay the same.


    You may be refusing to accept 'what is' through self-deception, denial, repression, fighting against, and enacting any of the roles in Low Drama (Victim, Persecutor, Rescuer).


    Functionally accepting 'what is' occurs through taking radical responsibility for having created 'what is'. This is, of course, not fair. Which means that you can functionally accept what is only when the fair / unfair thing has become irrelevant to you.


    The principle is: You strengthen that which you oppose. It is like doing isometric exercises. By pressing one hand against the other with equal force you do not go anywhere but your resistance muscles get stronger.


    This is why fighting existing gameworlds only strengthens them. You can't fight city hall and expect city hall to change. The one thing city hall excells at is defending itself against change.


    For social change and the evolution of consciousness it is far more effective to apply a vacuum rather than a pressure.


    Imagine if they gave a war and nobody came? The war could not happen.


    Same with Low Drama. If there is no Victim, no Low Drama can happen.


    "You won't change things by fighting the existing gameworlds. To change things, build new gameworlds that make the existing gameworlds irrelevant."


    Building new gameworlds opens up new Possibility Space. Participants in your new gameworlds have greater opportunities to play full out, to contribute their full creation force, to deliver the services of their Archetypal Lineage to the village, to be ecstatic in 5 Bodies.








  • Education vs. Training

    Educating Educators

    Training Trainers

  • Meta-Morph-osis

    What is Meta-Level Presence?

    Meta means 'across' or 'above'.


    Possibility Management does not use the term 'meta' to mean 'superior'.

    Using the term 'meta' takes the stand that: "Something completely different from this is Possible right now."


    In other words, meta is the view that whatever exists now, Possibility is possible. 'What is' is not all of 'what is' because there is also Possibility.


    To be Present in the 'meta' level requires keeping your Being split.


    Keeping your Being split starts with using your attention in a consciously different way.


    One of the ways to use your attention is direct part of your attention to notice what the rest of your attention is up to. This is called 'spliitting your attention'.


    Being able to split your attention is the basis of being able to observe yourself.


    If you are not ongoingly Present and observing yourself with split attention as your standard way of Being in the world and interacting with other people, then most of this website probably won't be of much use for you.


    Please go to the linked websites, absorb the distinctions given there, do the experiments, write your notes in your Beep! Book, practice the skills with other people at your Possibility Team, then come back here to Morph. Things will be a lot more accessible to you then.


    We truly want you to get this stuff! This is where Archetypal Body Ecstasies and Intimacies and High Level Fun activate! We want to share this with you. Negotiating Archetypal Body Intimacies leaves shopping in the capitalist patriarchal empire behind in the dust as boring and irrelevant.

    Holding Meta Presence

    'Holding Meta Presence' means that you are holding two things at the same time with your attention and your intention.


    Holding something with intention means that you are being a servant of a conscious purpose rather than being a slave of an unconscious purpose.


    To avoid being a slave of unconscious purposes requires owning some part of your Underworld and its Shadow Principles. (This starts with the Hidden Purpose Process which is delivered in certain Possibility Labs.)


    The two things that you are holding with your attention and your intention are 'what is' and 'what's possible'.


    Both of these are huge domains. This implies that they can be massively heavy. However, if you grip too firmly onto 'what is' or 'what's possible' it makes you massively heavy too. Then you will have too much mass to make right-angle turns at light speed and you will be handicapped for navigating space.


    A workable intention is to hold both 'what is' and 'what's possible' in your attention neutrally but attentively, without getting sucked into either one with stories, triggers, hooks, buttons, or traumas.


    Staying in a Minimized NOW holding both domains neutrally and lightly gives you the Meta Presence perspective that what is claimed as 'what is' is not the whole picture.


    When anyone says their opinion, their fears, their stories about you or about what is happening, their projections, their beliefs, their conclusions... you remain with them and yet simultaneously free of them because part of your Presence and your Attention hold that something completely different is possible from whatever is perceived as possible right now.

  • Morph Yourself

    Learning to use transformational possibility morphing in your daily life happens in a life of practice. The first practice is keeping your Sword Of Clarity always out.


    Your Sword Of Clarity is not a metaphorical sword. It is an actual energetic sword for distinguishing. In this case you are distinguishing the space of 'what is' and the space of 'what's possible'.


    We are not talking about remembering to hold out your Sword Of Clarity. If it was about remembering to have your Sword Of Clarity to hand this would allow the possibility that you might forget to have your Sword Of Clarity to hand.




    Having your Sword Of Clarity always out is the result of becoming your Sword Of Clarity.


    When you morph yourself through a life of practice, then who you are now includes the Sword Of Clarity always out there in front of you at the demon's neck... also behind you and to the sides of you at multiple demons' necks simultaneously... whatever the case may be.


    This is not an act of theater. This is not imaginary. This is Meta Presence in action, facing into 'what is' while simultaneously holding the Space Of Possibility. This is triple spaceholding. Double spaceholding is holding your personal bubble of space while you simultaneously hold the golden workspace cube through which you call in your Bright Principles. Triple Spaceholding changes the golden cube into two (or more) spaces close together, one space holding a 'what is' that is accepted as 'what is' and the other space holding entirely different Possibility as a potential 'what is'.


    Let it be known that you might want to consider the practice of holding not one, but several additional energetic cubes of space each with Possibilities that do not exist in the Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware version of 'what is', so that if one of your optional Possibility spaces is not accepted, the next one might be.


    The Sword Of Clarity is actually out in front of you distinguishing and holding the two spaces at the same time: 'what is' (yes) and 'something other than this is possible' (yes).


    There is delight in never having to be the victim of not enough Possibility in any Space.


    There can also be grieving for a while... grieving the loss of the 'bad old days' when you might have believed that 'what is' is actually the one-and-only 'real what is', not merely a small and probably crippled version of one of the many 'what is's' that are possible and that other people might be experiencing.


    It is so easy to verify that 'what is' is not the only 'what is' if you remember all the times that someone suddenly had an amazing idea and it changed everything. Remember a time like that? Did anyone know that idea was there before it suddenly appeared and utterly transformed the current space? No.


    It is so easy to see that what one person cannot do another person can. What makes that so? One person has access to more Possibilty than another person. As Robert A. Heinlein would say, "One person's magic is another person's technology."


    What this suggests is that, right now, no matter which NOW you are referring to, there are also untold numbers of unpredictably transformative Possibilities hanging around every space you are in.


    Do you want ongoing access to those alternative Possibilities? If so then one requirement is getting proficient at entering Meta Presence and onglingly guarding it with your Sword Of Clarity.


    Then you will need to learn to make proposals.

  • Morph The Space

    Making Proposals

    Conscious Theater

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